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Школа разговорного английского языка. Лидер 2017 года отрасли в Казахстане.

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Structure of training programs

The programs of the English Republic are designed for beginners only, as well as for advanced levels. Each level includes the basic times and grammatical constructions of more than 300 new words. Passing the program, you perform various tasks from Reading to Public Speeches. All programs are designed to increase vocabulary, understanding grammar and improving the ability to speak the language. The material is built in such a way that you begin to speak from the first lesson.

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Technology English Republic consists of a number of methods

New words.

Each lesson contains 8-20 new words. The method of associative memorization is used using specially prepared cards. The method allows you to memorize words in English without the need for translation (do not have to think in Russian (Kazakh) and then translate into English).

Grammatical constructions.

Each level contains the entire basic grammar of the language. You study the material through listening to British pronunciation. You practice each class in the classroom until it is fully developed.

Public speaking.

This is a special kind of training, developing the ability to speak in public. Exercise, which allows you to get rid of the language barrier. It is performed in class in front of a group of people (5-7 people). A high fluency skill is developed.

Reading and writing.

These types of exercises are mandatory in each level. When you study the text, you increase your vocabulary. Every exercise in Reading and Writing requires retelling.


You get a picture of how English is used in real life. In each program there is a series in English, matched according to the level. Mandatory testing.

Final exam.

At the end of each level you need to pass a written exam and oral. For successful passing, you must score at least 75%.

* Note: each material studied in the lesson is checked by the examiner. You study theory in class, do exercises before gaining a skill and then go on to the exam. Each material is developed to full understanding and ability to apply.

Training format

3 times a week for 1.5 hours or 3 hours.

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